Does it still apply to our lives? Enter your email address to get our weekly email with fresh, exciting and thoughtful content that will enrich your inbox and your life. All beautiful! | 0 Comments. Find event and registration information. | 0 Comments. The Torah is telling us that the world was created for two ("b") "reshit"s ("firsts")—the Jews and the Torah. Reply, Interesting and enlightening ? Vet Haaretz and the earth.First sentence of genesis being. Reply, How Is the Torah Interpreted Laws without mercy, goodwill, & respect for divergence of thought of men who are sincere in their study & interpretation must be respected, studied, debated & given the respect of their conclusions. Treat each of the passages in its own section. When the spies were sent to survey the land of Canaan that the majority report was wrong. Eventbrite - Ammud: The Jews of Color Torah Academy presents Understanding the Torah: Torah Fluency - Wednesday, March 18, 2020 | Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at NYU Hillel, Bronfman Center, New York, NY. That's why there are many Torah commentators who concentrate on Peshat — Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Rashbam and many more – and they will very often (it seems, more often than not...) disagree on the literal meaning of a verse. You are welcome to distribute it further, provided you do not revise any part of it and you include this statement, credit the author and/or publisher, and include a link to, © Copyright, all rights reserved. Based on a talk by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, recorded in Likuttei Sichot vol. Thank you this is so clear and easy to understand, yet informative. Parsha Shemot (Exodus/Shemot 6:2 through all of chapter 9) is the story of, among other things, the first of the famous "plagues" of Egypt that led to the delivery of the mixed multitude of the sons of Israel from bondage. Clearly, this is not what God wants … Frete GRÁTIS em milhares de produtos com o Amazon Prime. | 0 Comments. Our sages tell us that Torah can be interpreted in four different general ways: peshat, remez, drush and sod. Reply, How is the Torah interpreted ? Jesus saw the big story as pointing to himself. And wasn't this article about interpreing Torah? I have never seen definitions of Torah studies and I thank you- I love to be a part of your ongoing teaching. Understanding The Torah is a documentary follow-up to Before the Sermon – Know the Truth Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. What is Torah? Could you provide a reference to: "Kabbalastic teachings there are 600,000 ways to understand Peshat, 600,000 ways to understand Remez, 600,000 ways to understand Drush, and 600,000 ways to understand Sod!" Footnotes. The Bar Mitzvah Torah Trainer is specifically built to counteract such an experience, as it gives bar mitzvah boys a deep understanding of what Torah reading means in a fun and beautifully-designed way. Have you ever had the desire to become more familiar with the personalities of Job and Jeremiah? Access our Sefira Counting Page to learn more about counting the Omer or to subscribe to our Sefira Counting Reminder mailing list. by Hollisa Alewine | Dec 27, 2020 | Biblical Basics, Uncategorized, Understanding Torah, Weekly Torah Portion Reading | 0 Comments. But is not Halachah based in Torah. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. When it comes to the halachah, however, there is only one truth. The term Torah has a variety of connotations. Torah is a process involving a constant interplay between thought and action. It certainly looks like America is headed to a place most people never even conceived it could end up, whether they realize the depth of that collapse or not. The Erev Shabbat overview: During the Sabbath... by Mark Call | Jan 14, 2021 | Ancient Roads: Real Israel Talk Radio - Avi Ben Mordechai, Biblical Basics, Biblical History, Old Testament & New Testament, Radio, Torah Home - Anne Elliott, Torah Teachers Round Table, Understanding Torah, Weekly Torah Portion Reading, Who Are We? Noté /5. by Hollisa Alewine | Jan 17, 2021 | Biblical Basics, Uncategorized, Understanding Torah, Weekly Torah Portion Reading | 0 Comments. For example: There are many different ways to understand the Torah according to Peshat . We know from the Torah that the majority can be wrong. I grew up in a catholic school and the nun sent me to detention for asking "excuse me, why does G-d refer to himself in plural form. by Mark Call | Jan 16, 2021 | Biblical Basics, Biblical History, Old Testament & New Testament, Shabba Shalom Mesa - Mark Call, Understanding Torah, Weekly Torah Portion Reading, Who Are We? For the uninitiated, Rabbi Aharon Chaim Zimmerman is known as an eccentric Rosh Yeshiva and Jewish intellectual who flourished in the second half of the twentieth century. Within these four methods of understanding Torah, there exist countless possible avenues of understanding. Reply, Where do our Sages say that the Torah has four modes of interpretation? Bet meaning within. The Torah contains material that is fundamental to our faith and the lessons that are contained in this course will provide you with the tools necessary to have a greater appreciation for what the Bible has to offer. Man, they left out a lot in sunday school. 1. Understanding the Omer. They stole from one another and generally, there was anarchy in the society. An analysis of real-time prophecy fulfilment or strange coincidences of 2020…you be the judge. Reply, 5th one u missed There is much news to be aware of, and no, it's certainly not a 'traditional xmas discussion.' However, these various interpretations can lead to differing practical conclusions. Etymologically, it means "teachings," not "law," as it is so often mistranslated. Latest Podcasts in Understanding Torah “Come out of her, My people” Show ~ Mark Call weekly. Their opinion defied the word of G-d rather than interpret it. Possible avenues of understanding makes studying Torah easier. Reply, to Naftali We also talk about the meal of Leviathan. Reply, Interpretation Understanding The Torah book. This is a fantastic explanation. Reply. This isn’t just our own understanding, it’s also an academic understanding: “The Torah, which contains most of the laws, is not a collection of laws but rather a narrative that tells the history of the Jewish people, in their earliest days… therefore we can view the Torah as a source of laws and even construct a set of laws from it. Can we come to know the mystery and wisdom that is contained in these books? Torah is G‑d's wisdom. A very nice explanation but you forgot to mention that the first letters of pshat, remez, drosh, and sod form the word pardess meaning orchard. In fact, according to Kabbalastic teachings there are 576,000 ways to understand Peshat, 576,000 ways to understand Remez, 576,000 ways to understand Drush, and 576,000 ways to understand Sod! This learning approach gives students more confidence in their ability and frees them from the confusing feelings surrounding their aliyah. "It's great that I found the Jewish Torah, many many questions are being answered and even my Christianity is beginning to make sense. Randy Yarborough and Mark Call discuss the key events during this season, and this unusual year, at this time. Reply, Re: Interesting and enlightening (II) Have you ever wondered what the word “Torah” refers to? This is why the books of the sages, starting from the very first work on Jewish law – the Mishnah – are replete with disagreements as to the final halachah.While all these approaches are correct, we follow ONLY one opinion—the opinion that was decided upon – usually due to a majority consensus – as halachah. This week we discuss the proto-prophecy of Kain and Abel in the Torah portion Miketz as we cover the story of Joseph and the 2 dreams. Thank you Rabbi Silberberg. by Mark Call | Dec 25, 2020 | Biblical Basics, Come Out of Her My People - Mark Call, Drive Time Friday - Mark Call, Morning Shows, News, Old Testament & New Testament, Understanding Torah, Who Are We? How do we know the opinion that was decided upon by majority consensus is actually G-d's will. by Mark Call | Jan 7, 2021 | Come Out of Her My People - Mark Call, Understanding Torah, Who Are We? You raise a very good point. And will is absolute, and does not allow for two ways to look at things. Bara literally to create but more specifically to bring forth from within. The Erev Shabbat overview: The Sabbath day midrash is about what we, as we so clearly near another climax... by Hollisa Alewine | Jan 3, 2021 | Biblical Basics, Understanding Torah, Weekly Torah Portion Reading | 0 Comments. What is Torah? 31. Just likea diamond the Torah is full of many lights depending on the way you look at it. Reply, Thank you for explaining about the different ways Torah can be interpreted. 1) Peshat is the simple interpretation of the Torah. By Rochel Holzkenner. Reply, Justice and Liberty In this episode we discuss Ezekiel’s prophecy of the dry bones and two sticks embedded in Judah’s approach to Joseph and add further clarification to the roles of Joseph and Judah going forward. For whereas Torah is G‑d's wisdom which, as abovementioned, allows for different opinions, halachah is (not intellect, but rather) G‑d's will. | 0 Comments. 4) Sod (secret) is the esoteric, mystical part of Torah. 3) Drush (or Midrash) expounds upon the deeper meaning of the verse. As he puts it, once we really understand what has been done to "law" -- and even with our agreement, unwitting or not -- we are in for a... by Mark Call | Jan 3, 2021 | Biblical History, News, Old Testament & New Testament, Shabba Shalom Mesa - Mark Call, Understanding Torah, Weekly Torah Portion Reading, Who Are We? To follow another opinion, though it is based on a proper interpretation of the Torah, would be to disregard G-d’s will.For, as explained above, G-d’s intellect contains infinite possibilities. He says that Halachah is absolute with only one interpretation. For example: There are many different ways to understand the Torah according to Peshat. Elohim more specifically the sky and the sea. The Counting of The Omer starts on the second night of Pesach. The Torah is the very lifeblood of the Jewish people. We will speak to the dragon and his offspring of beast kingdoms, and why the Egyptians were drawn so far off track from Hebron in their mourning for Jacob. Within these four methods of understanding Torah, there exist countless possible avenues of understanding2) Remez is the different hints and allusions which are contained within the Torah. Thanks. Understanding the Torah Our Approach: Big Story vs. Little Story LUKE 24:36–49 The Torah is a collection of lots of little stories whose individual meaning is determined by the big story in which they are located. For example, the gematriya of "Bereshit bara" ("In the beginning He created)" is the same as "b'Rosh Hashanah nivra ha'olam" (on Rosh Hashanah the world was created)!". Mark Pitrone is thankfully back this week after a medical issue, and it's time to resume the study of the Book of Jeremiah. Reply, how many ways? The Erev Shabbat overview: One of the key setup... by Mark Call | Jan 7, 2021 | Come Out of Her My People - Mark Call, Understanding Torah, Who Are We? Achetez et téléchargez ebook Understanding The Torah: Diligently Studied and Made Easy to Comprehend for Those Jewish and Non-Jewish (English Edition): Boutique Kindle - … Let’s take a look at both episodes and understand what tell us about our obligations within society and the world at large: The Torah lets us know why the people at the time of the flood were punished: people did not respect each other. Now that you have completed this course we hope that you will take advantage of another one of our online courses. This was very interesting in describing the four methods of interpreting the Torah. Counting the Days of Growth. by Mark Call | Jan 14, 2021 | Come Out of Her My People - Mark Call, News, Understanding Torah, Who Are We? | 0 Comments. Show how a solid understanding of Torah should have guided the Israelites to make wise decisions in the following passages: (4-6 pages) a. If so, then this section (first in our new Judaism Primer) is for you! Halachah is indeed based on the various interpretations extrapolated from the Torah using the methodologies described in the article. by Mark Call | Jan 9, 2021 | Biblical Basics, Biblical History, Old Testament & New Testament, Shabba Shalom Mesa - Mark Call, Uncategorized, Understanding Torah, Weekly Torah Portion Reading, Who Are We? Onkelos On the Torah: Understanding the Bible Text is a unique and remarkable translation and English commentary of the Targum Onkelos, the first and only rabbinically authorized translation of the Torah. If you have wanted to know answers, listen to the many experienced teachers on Hebrew Nation who will help guide you in coming to know the Creator of the Universe. Moses might not have heard this specific idea which the rabbi living thousands of years later has just thought of, but the basis of this idea was already given by Sinai. This book is an exact copy of The King James Version of The Torah … Is there a way to link liberty and justice through the methods outlined above? different esoteric explanations for the word bereshit) explains that the word bereshit can also be split into "bara shis" (created [with] six). Parsha Vayechi (Genesis 47:28 through the end of the Book) is the final part of the story of the patriarchs, and the prelude to the descent into bondage in Egypt. We chose the introspect of Hillel because be tempered his understanding of G-d's Mitzvot with a great love of our people that would us joy to obey G-d's way to live as God's children. Encontre diversos livros escritos por Leon, Michael com ótimos preços. Some scholars claim that this polemic is due to an actual knowledge of the Mesopotamian “washing of the mouth” ritual, while other scholars (with whom I tend to agree) do not see in the biblical polemic an indication for such knowledge. Returning to the biblical text, the Torah surely holds a polemical attitude towards the ancient Near Eastern physical image of god. Compre online Understanding The Torah: Diligently Studies and Made Easy to Comprehend for Those Jewish and Non-Jewish, de Leon, Michael na Amazon. | 0 Comments. A Childish Understanding of the Torah By Naftali Silberberg Rabbi Meir said: When the Jews stood before Sinai to receive the Torah , G‑d said to them: "I swear, I will not give you the Torah unless you provide worthy guarantors who will assure that you will observe its laws." Any insight in Torah is acceptable as long as it (makes sense and) does not contradict any of our fundamental beliefs. How about an understanding of the story of Queen Esther and Haman? Judges 17-18 b. I Chronicles 13:1-14, 15:1-15 c. I Kings 12 d. You might also consider Judges 20, I Samuel 8, and/or II Chronicles 26:16-23 if space allows. G‑d gave us the tools to delve into the words of Torah and reveal the divine wisdom hidden therein. The fiftieth day is Shavuos. Reply, Does pshat, remez, drush and sod work for Neviim and Kesuvim as well? Reply, thank you Isn't this an inherent contradiction?Please enlighten me. You are a terrific teacher. I'm a baptized Christian but I get it! When the verse says (Genesis 1:1) that "In the beginning G‑d created the Heaven and Earth," it means exactly what it seems to mean, in a very literal sense. What is Sefiras HaOmer? The midrash tells us that this word can be split into two words—b reshit. Roshet meaning crown of the head. We must respect other points of understanding the way G-d wants our people to live & serve him. But it's one that listeners will find timely, and valuable.... by Hollisa Alewine | Dec 20, 2020 | Biblical Basics, Understanding Torah, Weekly Torah Portion Reading | 0 Comments. Whether Jewish or Gentile, the best way to come to know GOD is to read and diligently study HIS WORD. Bereshit bara and b'Rosh Hashanah nivra are both 1116. Our sages tell us that "any chiddush (novel idea) which a reputable disciple will ever come up with was already given to Moses by Sinai." Brought forth from with the crown of the head is the sky and sea the sun the stars and the earth. Intellect, by its very nature, allows for – and indeed demands – different avenues of understanding; how much more so when dealing with the infinite wisdom of the Infinite G‑d. Reply, Interesting and Enlightening Jewish texts provide the foundation upon which this process of discovery and action is built. The Torah will give us advice for our present tribulation. I am in awe of all the "hidden" gems found in the Torah,especially in the Hebrew.Some months ago,I bought a Stone Chumash and while reading the Parashah stories about Joseph ,for example,I was amazed at all the "hidden details" the Rabbis shared.Then there's the Gematria and Kabbalistic gems,Hebrew word play....and THAT'S just the Torah....the Tanach has even more "hidden gems" - again,especially in the Hebrew,that is.

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